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Some pics are of me, some of my buddies... just ask if you want to see more!
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Hey coach,

I’ve been following your tumblr for a while now and it’s one of the hottest out there so I thought it was time to heed your request for photo submissions.  I decided to take one of me in my jock and shorts first.  It’s been a while since I dug my jock out of the drawer and I’m glad I did as I was soon feeling horny.  I don’t know how guys manage to do a workout wearing a jock as the feeling soon has my cock stretching and a bit of a bulge showing.  It wasn’t long before I was hard and dribbling precum.



Great job Sport.

Hope you blew a big load and that you followed my program and ate it.  I checked out your blog, which is real hot by the way. From the looks of it, you’ll like thisthis and this

Train hard. Stay hard. 




That’s a pretty cockhead too


Riding the edge.  This guy ‘gets’ it.

I love being right at the edge, like this